I PROMISED YOU continued – three

Some art leaves me speechless…





An original watercolor painting 24″x 30″ on museum board by June Pauline Zent

The next morning a large truck pulled up in the driveway. Two guys got out and knocked on the door. ” June Zent?” one asked. They returned to the truck and pulled a huge TV out of the back. “Bert Reynolds said to bring this to you”. The kids were beyond excited as they rushed to move the 10 inch screen away and watched this monster positioned in its place.

Later Buddy told me that he had taken it out of the tree house: a literal small house placed high up in the trees at his Jupiter ranch. He said that he used it to escape when things got chaotic there. I could see that it was not new so that explained it. He asked me to come out to the…

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One thought on “I PROMISED YOU continued – three

  1. I am just so blown away that you would do this! It is a huge compliment and using the phrase “Heaven Sent Art Artzent!” is so special! thank you again and again.

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