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lil' biscuit

A4_Display ‘Flower Girl’. Copyright T.A.Morrow

Soft and delicate as a whisper. My new print of a flower garden fairy waif, now available on Etsy and Deviant Art.

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My art has been asleep for a while; but, I am planning on waking her up soon. 🙂

lil' biscuit

An old girl went abroad and came back all colourful! Here is a new ‘colour’ version of my original grey lead pencil drawing.

Single Girl Abroad. 5 X 7 inch art print by lil’ biscuit.

group My Etsy shop. Art Copyright T.A.Morrow 2015

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Quirky Girl

Posted on: June 7, 2015

lil' biscuit

quirkygirl ‘Quirky Girl’ print by honey-T Designs.

Created from my original marker pen sketch which I scanned into Photoshop and added a little electronic magic. I’ve made her available as a postcard/small art print through my Etsy store.

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Studio Mothers: Life & Art

Until further notice, celebrate everything

As found here. Happy Friday.


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A new print I created for my Etsy shop.

lil' biscuit

flowers in mind ‘Flowers In Mind’ Art Print by honey-T Designs 2015

My new drawing of a girl thinking of flowers. I scanned her into Photoshop where I added the flower collage feature. She is available as a small print via my Etsy shop.

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A gorgeous piece to share.

bambina lotus baluni by majeakann marktxt2

I love elephants. This is one of the most recent sketches. These are sacred animals. Here is some is some information I found that I am glad to share:
Elephant’s medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. If this is your animal guide, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying them in your life soul evolution is accomplished. More info here. Have a lovely mid-week my friends.

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