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lil' biscuit

Please_God_single ‘Please God’ A4 Print by Honey-T Designs

This drawing represents a freer style of art making I have been adopting inspired by a Japanese Aesthetic known as Wabi-sabi (ie beauty found in imperfection and transience). I just love the great energy found in initial rough sketches, unlaboured, free, alive.

Visit this link for more on Wabi-sabi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi

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lil' biscuit

1000PixWideDot Garden Girl by Honey-T Designs

A delightfully spontaneous sketch I made around a found cut out image of plants from an old gardening book. All scanned and prepped up in photoshop. A4 print available through Etsy.

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Studio Mothers: Life & Art

Letting go

As found here. Happy Friday!


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Carnival Evening by Henri Rousseau, 1886. Source

The moon, the carnival…quite romantic. I just found this painting by chance and glad I did! Love Rousseau’s painting style.

lil' biscuit

Rose For A Rose print on Etsy Rose For A Rose print on Etsy

Rose For A RoseTwo new little cuties to add to my slowly growing collection of prints.

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